ΒΑΤΡΑΧΟΜΥΟΜΑΧΙΑ~The Battle of Frogs and Mice

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The Batrachomyomachia is a Hellenistic or later Homeric parody epic about a battle between frogs and mice. This short and delightful Greek poem is made accessible to intermediate learners and those new to the Homeric dialect through this new learner's edition. Each left-hand page contains a section of the Greek text and a small illustration, the facing right-hand page contains all the corresponding vocabulary and notes on grammar and content. The core vocabulary contains all the words that appear four or more times.

-Introduction and bibliography
-Guide to Homeric meter and dialect
-Greek text with running vocabulary, commentary, and illustrations
-Index of names of frogs and mice
-Core vocabulary 
Here is a link to a list of all of the commentaries I am aware of that have facing notes and/or vocabulary in Greek and Latin. Let me know if you know of others so that I can add them.


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